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Welcome to Kungsbacka Open 2024

International youth wrestling tournament

We are pleased to welcome you to the 53rd edition of Kungsbacka Open. Our ambition is to create one of Sweden's best wrestling tournaments. Read more about the tournament and register your wrestlers here.

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Fine rewards to the best clubs

First place: 10 000 SEK
Second place:  7 000 SEK
Third place:  3 000 SEK

Age and weight classes

Boys (GR9) and Girls (WW9)
7-9 years old (2015-2017)

Weight classes

Floating weight classes minimum 20 kg

Boys GR14 12-14 years old (2010-2012)

Weight classes

34 kg, 38 kg, 41 kg, 44 kg, 48 kg,
52 kg, 57 kg, 62 kg, 68 kg, 75 kg

Girls WW14 12-14 years old (2010-2012)

Weight classes

33 kg, 36 kg, 39 kg, 42 kg, 46 kg,
50 kg, 54 kg, 58 kg, 62 kg, 66 kg

Boys (GR11) and Girls (WW11)
10-11 years old (2013-2014)

Weight classes

Floating weight classes minimum 20 kg

Boys GR17 15-17 years old (2007-2009)

Weight classes

45 kg, 48 kg, 51 kg, 55 kg, 60 kg,
65 kg, 71 kg, 80 kg, 92 kg, 110 kg

Girls WW17 15-17 years old (2007-2009)

Weight classes

40 kg, 43 kg, 46 kg, 49 kg, 53 kg,
57 kg, 61 kg, 65 kg, 69 kg, 73 kg


20-21 September 2024

18.30-20.30 (Friday)

Weigh-in and medical control

If needed you can access the sauna at Kungsbacka Wrestling Club before weigh in.


Weigh in and medical control

The sauna will not be available


Opening ceremony

Each club will be presented and lined up before the tournament starts



Matches will be held on four mats.


Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place after the last matches are completed. Medals will be given to number 1-3 in each weight class. All participants in GR/WW 9 and GR/WW 11 will get a medal.


Nordic A/B Pool system with a two-match minimum. Greco-roman and Female wrestling. The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the regulations set by the Swedish Wrestling Federation. All wrestlers need a valid license to compete.

Special rules for GR/WW 9 OCH GR/WW 11

  • “Floating” weight classes where the wrestlers will be divided into groups of around four wrestlers of a similar weight after weigh-in.

  • The minimum weight to participate is 20 kg.

  • The minimum age to participate is 7 years (born 2017 or earlier).

  • Round-robin in each group. This means around three matches for everyone.

  • No technique in parterre can be conducted two consecutive times.

Food and snacks

Burgers and a wide selection of other food and snack items will be available at the venue.


Our Sponsors

Our amazing sponsors that support Kungsbacka Open


Craft Sportswear




Mikael Ljungbergs Minnesfond

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Star Pro Wrestling

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Get in touch if you are our next sponsor!


If you need a place to stay over night when coming to Kungsbacka Open,
contact us and we will help you find a low price accommodation for your team.



Kungsbacka Sporthall

KUNGSBACKA SPORTCENTER 2B, 434 50 Kungsbacka, Sverige

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